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Human Factors for Oil and Gas

Organising Company : Opuskinetic
Start Date : December 07, 2015
Event City : Kuala Lumpur
Event Country : Malaysia
Event Venue : Malaysia
Contact Person : Amanda
Contact Person Email :
Contact Number : +65 6294 2950

This training course, based on the well-established discipline of Human Factors Engineering (HFE), will introduce you to contemporary thinking related to Applied Human Factors and Safety in Design and illustrate, through numerous examples, why it’s critical to incorporate HFE into your own projects.

The ideas you develop in this course will help you understand how design decisions affect human performance and ultimately operational performance. As a project engineer, discipline engineer, or operator, you will also learn how to improve the way you and others make design decisions and to recognize which human issues are critical. Much of what you will learn will help you structure a systematic view of how the principles fundamental to including the human in the design process are relevant to your own application domain. 

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