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Maritime Accident Investigation

Organising Company : Opuskinetic
Start Date : September 14, 2015
Event City : Singapore
Event Country : Singapore
Event Venue : Singapore
Contact Person : Amanda
Contact Person Email :
Contact Number : +65 6294 2950

Incidents (that may or may not lead to actual loss) happen every day. Many of these could have been prevented if only previous incidents/near misses would have been reported, properly investigated and analyzed. The objective of investigations is evaluation of existing physical and organizational safeguards and improvement of the effectiveness of the safety management system, and prevention of jumping to conclusions.

The vast majority of incidents are a direct result of human error. Understanding the basic factors leading to human error is the first step towards a better control of such factors. In this practical course, delegates will become familiar with the techniques to combine investigation and analysis and be able to apply this in daily practice.

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