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iData Insights is a convenient and easy way to find, buy and proceed with online purchases of publications and reports. Our online store of freshly squeezed market research reports allows users to have a delighted experience right from the choice of availability of research reports and purchase to keeping our customers identity confidential.

We rigorously work towards developing an extensive database of research reports for buying professionals that would span across different industry sectors. We could be a new entrant but, newness also opens wide possibilities of fresh ideas, possibilities of attracting more and new customers, new methods of promoting and making our publisher's reports visible to potential buyers. If you are a specialist publisher of market research reports then we are keen to hear from you. Be it financial services, life sciences, technology goods, food & drinks, utilities, manufacturing, telecom, automobile, transport, consumer retail etc. our experts will always be happy to serve you for nothing less than a smile. Our platform uses a vast array of sales and marketing techniques to reach our clients, some of these being direct mailing, telesales team, web based marketing, and our daily/weekly alerts. Our supportive market and sales efforts help publishers to reach customers with no additional promotional marketing spends.

We help you grow your business by using:

Advance Advertising Strategies

Our advance advertising strategies are focused on bringing publisher's reports in contact with more and more customers helping publishers sell more. Plus customers can avail our catalog and subscribe to newsletter emails to get the news first on most recent publications, best sellers and hot topics and sometimes even avail special offers.

Unaugmented Shopping Experience

The whole platform is custom designed keeping in mind the ease of navigation and use of the shop, right from when the customer enters the website till the time he leaves it. At any point of time should there be any problem our Research Analysts are available to help them out. The FAQ section and guidance throughout the website is made inorder to capture customer interest and guide the customer through the ease of secure buying experience that is the foundational of our everlasting relationship with our publishers.

Free Web Promotion For Your Publications

In response to increasingly complex e-commerce requirements, iData Insights provides variety of services beyond publications sales and consulting that enable its customers to leverage the full potential of online publication sales. We would let you do the talking part if we are the right partner for all aspects of the e-commerce process, from online marketing of publications, personalization to payment options.

Sell More – Earn More

iData Insights allows individuals to become resellers and sell variety of Publications to prospective clients. iData Insightss can help you become a valuable distribution channel for your as well as our business because apart from the proactive marketing strategies, we also offer some great and exciting value saving offers for our in house reports to committed publishers.

For further information on selling Research reports through iData Insights please fill our publisher contact form given below.

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