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About iData Insights

iData Insights which operates under Precision Research and Consulting Private Limited is a leading market research information aggregator and marketing research consulting firm. We conduct both primary and secondary research. Our work does not end with research it is also involved in distributing reports for different companies . We provide actionable recommendations and provide our expertise for business success today and tomorrow. It is our goal to be a partner to our clients in the exploration and discovery, and then be their guide in the implementation of changes that will make a difference to their bottom line.

Our company has a strong history of constructing a report and its marketing which includes both large multinationals and smaller

Our team continuously works to update and expand our existing collection of market research reports by partnering with new publishers and adding their studies to our website's content.iData Insights provide in-depth analysis about the market conditions and requirements for effective decision making. Our clients (across the globe) who are mainly Corporate, Academic Institutions, Government Organizations, Consulting firm have over several millions reports to choose from. iData insight's team can assist you in the process of identifying suitable research content which will aid in the decision-making process for future business growth.

Our Mission

We work around the clock until our clients are completely satisfied with their promised results. It is our mission to provide timely services coupled with acute client care to create a long-lasting relationship with you. We deliver on our promise to provide results that are essential to the success of your company. We believe that by doing so, we will earn the trust of our clients for future projects.

Why Choose iDataInsights?

  • Quick Responsive Service :
    Our team responds within 24 hours to your initial query. We welcome your queries and questions from yourself and your team during before and after the project.
  • Well Informed Team @ iData :
    We are always happy to discuss business ideas and concepts with clients and offer our expertise when it comes to choosing the correct methodology, sourcing and finalizing data mining and end product analysis and presentation through highly descriptive mechanism.
  • Insight driven recommendations :
    We help you develop ideas into into meaningful business propositions to ensure your business evolves in line with your customers iData acts as the voice of your customers, so any recommendations we suggest are based solely on key themes uncovered in the research.
  • Presentation delivery :
    We create attractive, engaging presentations to tell the story behind your project. We pinpoint key areas of your business which will drive future customer satisfaction and advocacy.
  • Competitive pricing :
    We estimate our pricing to be at least half the price of most research agencies. We pride ourselves on providing a top quality, value for money service to clients. We have low overheads and specialise in using the latest online software which is significantly cheaper than more traditional methods.

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